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My family lives in an eighteenth century house on the Charleston Harbor. My great-great grandparents bought the house and the land in 1903. My late grandparents house is next door, and my cousins live on all sides. Before my parents, brother, and I moved in it was my great aunt’s summer home for about thirty-five years. There was no air conditioning and the gaps in the floorboards were so wide that you could see the dirt below. Even though we have only lived there full time for seven years, it has always been my home.


Thicker Than Water is a series that is meant to capture the beauty of an old restored family house and the people that make it a home. The hand-poured windows in the old part of the house along with the strong presence of generations past are just a few things that make living there such a magical experience. This house is more than just a house to me, everything about it tells a story.

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